Jamie's farm

Jamie’s farm is a charity helping disadvantaged children throughout the UK. It provides support and mentorship helping vulnerable young people develop resilience and a sense of purpose. 

Their latest farm outside Lewes was in need of interior renovation. Interior designer Sophie Robinson, Interior stylist Kate McPhee and Rockett St George with generous donations of 40 design brands and the help of 20 volunteers transformed the farmhouse and created these beautifully colourful interiors.

fareplace farmhouse colourful interior
joy, colourful interior, cupboard
farmhouse table vase
dining room with colourful decor and fireplace
fireplace, farmhouse, fireplace closeup
cabinet table, colorful details in British farmhouse
colourful interior in english farm. farmhouse table
pictures hanging above the table in the farmhouse
Jamie's farm
white living room with a piano in a farm house
farmhouse kitchen with wooden table chairs and butchers table
Kitchen in a farmhouse with an old oven
wooden shelves with colourful mugs and tulips
Toucan poster above yellow bedside table
art above sideboard with lamp and vase on it
pink sideboard in a farmhouse
farmhouse in front of the pond
Exterior of a farmhouse with daffodils

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