Three reasons to hire a professional interior photographer

You might have been working 10-15-20 years or more and never have professionally photographed a project. 

So why do you need to do it now?

interior detail shot: pink cabinet, burgundy flowers, mirror with a ceiling lamp reflection
Interior design photo: living room: round table with a glass top, green velvet chairs; black and white photo of a woman on the wall; grey feature wall with hanging round white accessory made of feathers



1. Build your portfolio

Photography is an investment in your brand. Since most projects are of private homes, it is very difficult for potential clients and others to view all the hard work of an interior designer. Photos are the key to getting your work seen and noticed by others.

2. Photographers know how to showcase your work 

They find the best angles and interesting compositions to bring the space to live and to capture the attention of viewers and potential customers. Photos have the benefit of highlighting the best areas/details of the project masking any flows or unhappy choices.

3. Minimize your marketing

Using social media (especially Instagram) as a brand awareness tool can work wonders. For example, from one photoshoot you would have 30 retouched photos to post every other day or so. That would keep your followers engaged for a couple of months.

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